Jeremy Bates Photography FAQ sheet

This FAQ sheet is targeted to questions about my wedding packages, but most of the topics generally cover the other types of shoots as well, including but not limited to: Family, engagement, senior, lifestyle etc.


1)What do your packages include?


·         My packages are very simple. They include my services for the amount of time you choose, a high resolution thumb drive of all images taken with basic editing, the rights to the photos, and a copyright release form to do any printing from the thumb drive.


2)How many photos do you take?

·         Every wedding is different so it's hard to give an exact number. I never limit the amount of photos I take.  I take as many as I can in the time I am there, including all the small details. I capture everything from the decorations to the "kiss".


3)Do you have assistants?

·         I am the primary photographer and I mostly work alone. However, I do have several assistants I like to work with. If you would like to have a 2nd photographer there on your wedding day to capture more photos, please contact me regarding availability and pricing. All professional photographers for the event must be associated with Jeremy Bates Photography.


4)What kind of editing do you do?

·         I do simple cropping and light correction on an as needed basis.  I will also do any retouching or color correction I feel is necessary. In addition to the basic editing, I provide several "fun ones" as a bonus. The fun ones include black and white, sepia, two-tone, and any other fun colors I choose to accentuate your photos with. These extra photos are completely free and never take the place of the original photo. I do this to photos I consider to be your best. I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for most editing.


5)When do you need the deposit and final payment?

·         I need the deposit as soon as possible to secure your date. I cannot guarantee your date will be saved until I receive the deposit. The rest of the balance owed is due no later than the day of the wedding. I asked that I receive the balance as soon as I arrive on your wedding day so I don’t have to interrupt you and your guests later in the day. For your convenience, you are welcome to mail your final payment to me in advance. I also accept multiple payments. I accept cash, check or PayPal for any payments. Checks can be made payable to Jeremy Bates.


6)Is there a travel fee?

·         I require a very reasonable travel fee for weddings more than 30 miles away from my location. Contact me for more information.


7)What if I need to change or cancel my wedding date?

·         I try to make the wedding planning process as easy as possible. If you need to reschedule your date, I will try to accommodate you to the best of my abilities. However, due to the popularity of certain dates, this may not be possible. If you need to cancel your wedding date within 6 months of the original agreed upon wedding date for any reason, you will be subject to a cancellation fee.


8)When should I give you my itinerary?

·         When it’s convenient for you. Most bride and grooms give me their itinerary closer to the wedding day. I ask that I receive it no later than 2 weeks before your wedding. I don't require a super detailed itinerary, just a basic timeline so that I know where to be and when. If I don't receive an itinerary within 2 weeks of the ceremony, I will inquire about it.


9)When do you arrive on my Wedding day?

·         Everything is based on your itinerary. With most of the packages I like to arrive approximately 2 hours before the ceremony to start taking pictures. I generally arrive earlier with larger packages. Every Wedding is different however, and sometimes more time is needed based on individual itineraries.

****Please allow at least an hour between the ceremony and reception for group pictures and bride and groom pictures.****


10)Who gets pictures taken and when?

·         Pictures will include the bride and groom, bridal party, and immediate family. I also try to capture candid photos of you and your quests throughout the day. The photos are not limited to these and I can accommodate any specific requests you have throughout the time that I am there.  Don't stress out about who is having their pictures taken and where - that's what I'm there for. I can help you decide the flow of the photography once I get an itinerary. You are welcome to leave it all up to me.



11)Can I give you a list of all the photos I want?

·         I have a long list of photos that I try to capture at every wedding. If you have photos that are unique to your specific needs, please feel free to send me a list. You can also send me example photos that you particularly like via email. I will make every reasonable effort to get the photos specifically requested.



12)Can my friend take pictures on my wedding day as well?

·         Wedding guests may take photos during the ceremony and reception, however I am not responsible for lost photo opportunities due to other cameras or flashes. I just ask that they try to be as inconspicuous as possible by staying out of the pictures. I would prefer that anyone else taking photos during the ceremony stay seated and refrain from using flash


13)What if I feel I need your services for more time on the big day?

·         No problem. I never book more than one wedding a day, so if you think you need more coverage than you originally anticipated; we can add more time to your package. We can simply up your package to the next one or you can add an extra hour for $125 more.


14)When will we get our CD?

·         Turnaround time depends on how many photos I take and how busy I am. Most of the time you'll get your CD within two weeks after the Wedding. I let you know when I send it so you know when to expect it.


15)What if we lose our CD or it gets damaged?

·         I try to keep every photo I take for a minimum of three years. I back up my photos in more than one safe location before I even start editing to ensure nothing gets lost in the event of a technology failure. I would be happy to send you another disc at any time. You are welcome to make multiple copies of the CD to store in a safe place also.


16)What happens if you get sick the day of my Wedding?

·         Unless I am deathly ill or something tragic happens, I will be there, regardless. In the event something tragic does happens, I have several assistants and trusted partners in the profession I can count on to take my place.


17)When and where can we do our engagement photos?

·         Anytime I am available. We can go to any location within a reasonable distance from my location. The session is done at a place of your choosing. If you don’t have a specific place in mind, I have a few locations I like to use.  The session is discounted to if you have a wedding booked with me. The engagement session is separate from the wedding package therefore payment is due the day of the engagement session, and is not added onto the wedding package price. Please understand that Saturdays are reserved for weddings and Sundays fill up quickly. I might not be able to accommodate certain dates.